Thursday, November 20, 2014

Good Times at the ISAA Pau Hana at KBC

Sean Magoun with Drew Goldsman ʻ03, and Dave Hubbard ʻ00.

We had a great visit with faculty and alumni at the Kaua‘i Beer Company last night. Thanks to all who came!

Luke Evslin ʻ03 and wife, Sokchea, with Adie Siebring.

Willy Ellenburg, Clare McGraw ʻ02, Peter King ʻ86, and Barbara & Bruce Hogue

Dave Gregson, Ita Rubio ʻ01, Ryan Wong ʻ08, James Massaro, April Larsen and Adam Beetles

Ita Rubio ʻ01, Peggy Ellenburg, Natasha Arruda ʻ06

Connie Kakalia, Mike Hubbard ʻ97, Dave Reynold