Monday, November 17, 2014

"Check Please" Performed Last Thursday

Congratulations to director Jacob Dysinger ʻ15, and his cast of characters on their performance of the comedy, "Check, Please" last Thursday. The cast included:

Ashley Silvestre, Jacob Dysinger, Alex Obert, Khayman Hamilton, Zeb Wichert, Amber Hopkins, Amanda Nguyen, Whitney Hay and Allison Culleney.

Ashley Silvestre puts up with an egomaniac on a blind date.

Zeb Wichert comes on a little strong on this date.

Jacob Dysinger isnʻt impressed with Amber Hopkins, whose character has their entire life together planned.

Khayman Hamilton shows up for a blind date dressed in a sheet.

Amanda Nguyenʻs character is a cleptomaniac.

Whitney Hay portrays a girl with multiple personalities.

Khaymanʻs character is filled with phobias.

Allison Cullineyʻs character mimes everything.
We didnʻt get a photo of Alex Obertʻs blind date scene, where she was totally preoccupied with the Bears game on her phone.