Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Introducing English/Drama Teacher, Jonathan Barron

Jonathan Barron joined our faculty this year, teaching high school English classes and middle school drama. Originally from Connecticut and New York, Jonathan moved to Kaua‘i this summer from Baltimore, Maryland. Jonathan is a graduate of New York University where he earned a BFA in film & television, an MFA in dramatic writing, and an MA in English education. He taught high school English in New York, Connecticut, and Virginia, and, for the last three years, he taught writing and literature at a community college in Maryland. This year is his 13th in the classroom!

“I’m a huge comic book geek; I’ve been reading them since I was four,” he said. In the late ‘90s, he wrote Daredevil #374 for Marvel Comics! With his rich background and hilarious sense of humor, Jonathan is a welcome addition to the Island School ‘ohana.