Wednesday, September 17, 2014

When the Going Gets Tough … the BUS Gets Going!

Bus break down? No problem. Procedures already in place got tested yesterday when the north shore bus broke down on the north side of the Wailua River Bridge at 3:40 pm!       

With 30 Island School students aboard, driver Alika Luka (I.S. '95) parked the bus safely off the highway. Plan "B" was put into play. Alika contacted Amanda Nunez in the Office, who quickly responded by alerting parents to the imminent delay because of a breakdown. KPD was also notified as a standard procedure during such incidents and a traffic officer was dispatched to the scene. Alika walked the riders back across the bridge to a safe location fronting the Aloha Beach Resort and Mike Goto, who had to take an abrupt leave from his dental appointment, arrived approximately 20 minutes later in the school's back-up bus. Alika and the students were soon on their way in the back-up bus.    

The main bus was towed away for repair at about 5:30 p.m.

Kudos to our bus team, our students and their parents for handling an unfortunate situation in the best possible manner!

Our bus is towed for repairs!