Monday, September 15, 2014

What to Wear on Picture Day - Thursday, Sept. 18.

Students may have a free dress day.  Students do not need to wear Island School logo shirts on picture day. Students in free dress-up attire must still abide by Island school's dress code (please refer to Student/Parent Handbook)

Students may remain in their free dress for the remainder of the school day.  (Students in MS & HS PE must still change out to their PE uniforms during PE class).

Middle and High School Students:  Middle and high school students violating the Island School dress code, will be issued a school shirt to wear for the day, including their school portrait.  

For girls, no cleavage will show, spaghetti straps, etc. and gentlemen/boys no disrespectful messages will be permitted on clothing. Hats,sunglasses, other accessories are not allowed. Pants, skirts, and dresses need to be of appropriate length. If student's attire is too short for Island School's dress code, students should wear leggings under the garment. 

Please call the school office at 246-0233 if any questions. Extra photo order forms are available in the school office.  Mahalo for your cooperation!