Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gift Sale Raises Class Funds & Helps Others

Gifts and gift wrap sales have been used to raise class funds for a number of years. These funds generate money for class activities, field trips and retreats that occur throughout the year. Funds raised by a class travel with them from year to year. In other words, if they aren't spent during the year they are raised, they stay in that class fund through their senior year.

This year, we have contracted with Great American Fundraiser. Packets, which include their catalog, tally sheets and lots of information, have been distributed to students. Students are encouraged to visit their relatives, family friends and neighbors, and invite them to shop. 40% of all sales will go directly into their class funds.

As incentive, students will earn a bear toy for each item they sell. They will also be entered into a drawing for a $25 iTunes card. Anyone wishing to be entered into the drawing may fill out a Reach Out form (in the packet).

Those selling at least three items will have an even better chance in the drawing. In addition, Great American Fundraiser will donate a chick to a needy family in Africa in their sustainable farming effort. Upon selling six items, this reward doubles.
Why do we do this?  
Raising Money for Island School class funds, and raising awareness about sustainable practices will give students the opportunity to play an active role in developing our non-profit community and assist aiding other distant communities.
Student will learn and practice skills of both empathizing and advocacy of their own school community and the global community. This is inline with the goals and objectives of our homeroom curriculum . 

The sale ends on September 30th. Mahalo for your support. If you have any questions, contact Monica King at amking@hawaii.rr.com.