Monday, September 22, 2014

Donna King to Head Booster Club

It has been announced that Donna King is our new Booster Club President. Donna's interest in Booster Club began with her daughter, Christina, who was an Island School student from kindergarten through 12th grade (class of 2012). She has been active in Booster Club even since Christina's graduation! Kristina Caminos is our Vice President. Kristina's daughter, Danielle, another K-12 I.S. student, graduated in 2013, and her son, David, is a senior this year. Kristina was our Parent Association president for several years. They will make a terrific team!

Mahalo to Kymry Perez, for being our Booster President for the past two years! Kymry took over as president from Lynn McDonald, even as her two sons, Ashton '09, and Ryan '12, had graduated! We appreciate her leadership.