Friday, August 22, 2014

I.S. Alumna Wins International Science Award

Dianna Cowern, I.S. '07, and MIT '11, was presented an award at the Annual World Science Festival in June. The award was presented by Alan Alda. The Flame Challenge, which is in its third year, challenged scientists to explain to an 11 year old "What is Color?" The previous years were "What is a Flame?" and "What is Time?" There were over 1000 entrees and the the voting was done by 11 year olds from 26 different countries. Over 27,000 11 year olds voted on the three finalists and Dianna won handily. She got an all expense paid trip to New York and had lunch with Alda and his staff 4 hours before the award. You can see the award at She gets the award at about 1 hour and 24 minutes into the program.

To watch Dianna's award-winning video, go to

 Dianna Cowern in her video, "What is Color."

Dianna's YouTube Channel, Physics Girl, features a variety of her short videos about physics and are used by science teachers nationwide.